8 week strength challenge


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Purebred Fitness is offering a Strength Program for 2024 that focuses on building a physically robust body through strength training.

This program will be guided by qualified and experienced coaches who will provide you with the tools and knowledge required to achieve a significant increase in strength over

8 weeks. With appropriate exercise selection and safe progressions, you can expect optimal results.

Increased strength has numerous benefits, including:

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improved athletic performance

increased bone density

improved mental well-being

tougher joints, ligaments & tendons

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ease of movement

injury prevention

reduced body fat

improvement in overall

health & well-being


push yourself outside of your

comfort zone and find your true strength potential.

$400 + gold membership fees ($69.99 p/w)

To join the 8-week strength program, pay our Gold Membership price of $69.99 per week, granting access to all classes without a lock-in contract.

Pay an additional one-off $400 to participate in the challenge, or add $50 on top of the weekly debit membership.


purebred fitness

Unlimited access to all of our classes

Pre and Post InBody scans to track your progress

2 X 4-week meal plans

Performance workshop facilitated by Luke Khoury

Nutrition workshop facilitated by Nikki Lancaster

Pilates workshop faciltated by The Loft

4 x additional strongman sessions

Transformation photos

8-week strength program

Guidelines & information booklet

2 x consultations with a Purebred coach



purebred fitness

strongman sessions

purebred fitness

There are 4 challenge sessions included that have been designed to increase strength and muscular endurance using a wide variety of exercises, reps, sets, and tempos.

The primary goal of this challenge is to improve your body's ability to generate force.

Throughout the 8-week program, you will target the three most important and technical lifts involved in powerlifting:


bench press




The 8-week strength program will be delivered through our stronger classes, where our experienced coaches will instruct and encourage you.

what else?

  • To make the most of this challenge, you will need to attend stronger classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to complete your strength training.

  • if you are unable to attend, you can access the stronger classes through our online training platform.

  • Additionally, you are encouraged to attend one of our conditioning classes (HIIT, ENDURO, RFR, DOGHOUSE) to keep excess body fat off and stay fit and functional.

purebred fitness

warm up

Each session will begin with a dynamic warm-up to ensure all your muscles and joints are working effectively



You will then focus on one of the specific lifts to mobilise your target muscles and prime your joints

hypertrophy phase

The final phase involves exercises done with medium weight but with higher volume and under constant tension, to strengthen weak areas, improve muscle definition & tone

purebred fitness

meet your coaches

luke maggiore

Luke Maggiore is the Director & Founder of Purebred Fitness. With 10 + years experience in the fitness industry he is a true specialist in all things health and wellbeing. At Luke’s core is his desire to mentor his clients to excel and become their best self, not just physically, but also mentally. Luke’s driven by constant growth and is forever taking on his next challenge from marathons, triathlons, iron man events, ultras and body building competitions.


Isaac Lucien is Purebreds Head of Performance & Operations. He joins the team with extensive experience within the fitness industry from personal training countless clients to his most recent senior manager role overseeing the operations of 8 gyms spanning 2 states. Isaac is a subject matter expert in all things; strength, resistance and cross fit training and hones on the importance of form and technique at the heart of every workout.



Start date: Monday 6TH MAY

Finish date: MONDAY 1ST JULY


purebred fitness





9:00 AM

Challenge Introduction & Fitness Testing

Saturday 4th May

Purebred Fitness

5:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Pre Scan + Photos

Monday 6th May

Purebred Fitness

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Nutrition workshop w/ Nikki Lancaster

Sunday 12th May

Purebred Fitness

9:00 AM

Strength workshop w/ Luke Khoury

Saturday 19th May

Purebred Fitness

7:00 AM

Strongman Session 1

Saturday 25th May

Purebred Fitness

7:00 AM

Strongman Session 2

Saturday 1st June

Purebred Fitness

7:00 AM

Strongman Session 2

Sunday 8th June

Greenhills Helipad

9:00 AM

Pilates workshop

Sunday 16th June

The Loft

7:00 AM

Strongman Session 4

Saturday 22nd June

Purebred Fitness

5:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Post Scan + Photos

Monday 1st July

Purebred Fitness


Challenge Presentation

Saturday 6th July

Purebred Fitness



purebred fitness

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